Emergency Assistance

Are you a resident of Benton Township? Do you need help paying your bills? We may be able to help!

A Township Trustee can provide residents with assistance for food, shelter, utilities, and other certain basic necessities when no other resources are available. Township assistance meant to be a last-resort help for a short period of unexpected hardship or until other benefits are being processed.

There are a few different ways to start the process.
1.  We are now able to offer an online application to residents who desire to complete one online.  If you submit an online application, please follow up with us at 812-339-6593 to confirm it was routed correctly.
2.  You may pick up an application packet at our office. We are located in the back of the Unionville Senior Center (7616 E. State Road 45, Unionville, IN).  Looks for a set of double doors near a brown shed. To the left of these doors will be a black mailbox with the words “Township Assistance Applications” on it.
3.  You may ask that an application be mailed to you. Please call our office at 812-339-6593 and leave a message if necessary.
4. You may also download and print off our
Application for Assistance. Please wait to sign the application until you come in.

You will need to bring some documents with you when you come such as identification, income and expense information for the last 30 days, and current bills you are asking for assistance with. Please see this full list of the documentation required at appointment.

After we receive everything that we need for your completed application, we will begin to investigate your situation to identify what your short and long term needs are. If you meet our Township Assistance Guidelines, financial assistance is not paid to you but instead directly to companies that provide the services you need (water, electric, propane, etc.). In addition, we will provide information about various private, local, state, and federal organizations that also may be about to help you, both now and in the future.

If you have any other questions or to check to see if you are a Benton Township resident, please call us at 812-339-6593.