Other Services

Notary Services

The Township Trustee may serve as a notary in the State of Indiana for no charge. The current Township Trustee Michelle Bright is willing to travel to someone’s home in Benton Township in order to serve township residents. (IC 33-42-5-1)

Representative Payee

Township can provide assistance through a payee representative for applicants eligible to receive SSI but are unable to manage their income. (IC 12-10-14)

Vegetation Complaints

The Trustee is responsible for destroying detrimental weeds and noxious vegetation within their township. Guidelines for notification to the property owner are set within the law. (IC 15-3-4)

Fence Disputes

When a dispute arises between two land owners regarding placement and maintenance of line fences, the Trustee is to make determination according to Indiana law. (IC 32-10-9)

Other Issues

We will often get phone calls regarding abandoned houses or excessive rubbish on a property. We refer callers to the following organizations:

  • Abandoned houses – Monroe County Building Department (812) 349-2580
  • Rubbish – Monroe County Solid Waste District (812) 349-2020
  • Unsafe living conditions – Monroe County Health Department (812) 349-2543
  • Loose dogs – Monroe County Animal┬áManagement (812) 349-2585