The Township Trustee acts as the Township Executive. This position is an elected position and is a four year term. The job duties of the trustee include:

  • Manages all township property
  • Receives and pays out of township funds, keeping an itemized and accurate account of township affairs
  • Administers township assistance to qualifying residents under IC 12-20 and IC 12-30-4
  • Receives and acts on vegetation complaints under IC 15-16-8
  • Arranges for care and maintenance of abandoned cemeteries under IC 23-14
  • Provides and maintains township parks and community centers under IC 36-10
  • Keeps township records open for public inspection
  • Attends all meetings of the township board
  • Administers oaths when necessary
  • Serves as a notary public
  • Files annual financial reports and personnel reports under IC 5-11-13

The current Township Trustee is Michelle Bright. Michelle has been in office since March 2012, and her current term ends December 31, 2022.


Public Records Requests
As a unit of local government, we are responsible to you, the taxpayers, to provide information regarding Township business. Interested parties may submit a request for public records by calling the office at 812-339-6593.

Budgets and Annual Reports
Transparency and accountability in government are important. As a taxpayer you should know where your hard earned dollars are going. The State of Indiana has implemented such websites as Gateway and Transparency so taxpayers can see how public funds are being budgeted and spent.

Nepotism Policies
Did you know that Indiana passed a Nepotism Law in 2012? The Benton Township Advisory Board approved an anti-nepotism policy that was more strict than what the law requires. Every year the Trustee and the Township Board sign certifications that we are adhering to the law.
Benton Township nepotism policies – These cover both employment and contracting