The Township Trustee acts as the Township Executive. This position is an elected position and is a four year term. The job duties of the trustee include:

  • Manages all township property
  • Receives and pays out of township funds, keeping an itemized and accurate account of township affairs
  • Provides fire protection under IC 36-8
  • Administers township assistance to qualifying residents under IC 12-20 and IC 12-30-4
  • Receives and acts on vegetation complaints under IC 15-16-8
  • Arranges for care and maintenance of abandoned cemeteries under IC 23-14
  • Provides and maintains township parks and community centers under IC 36-10
  • Keeps township records open for public inspection
  • Attends all meetings of the township board
  • Administers oaths when necessary
  • Serves as a notary public
  • Files annual financial reports and personnel reports under IC 5-11-13

The current Township Trustee is Michelle Bright. Michelle has been in office since March 2012, and her current term ends December 31, 2022.